Think and Do

Our community of faculty and students is comprised of intensely committed world changers. Our experts are sought after for their research and insights into local and global politics, public policy, nonprofit governance and the workings of business and government. We take a hands on, all-in approach to tackle the big issues. Our research matters.

Research That Matters

We examine the political process. We analyze public opinion. We delve into the far-reaching and sometimes unintended consequences of public policies. We explore the synergies between academic expertise and the nonprofit sector. Research in Public and International Affairs hones in on issues that are critical to North Carolina, our nation and around the globe. Whether it’s looking into the nuances of the U.S. social security program, analyzing the impacts of economic sanctions on foreign countries, or working to understand how government agencies can develop better working relationships among themselves, our faculty lead the way. Our undergraduate and graduate students work alongside faculty mentors to support ongoing research or projects that explore their unique passions.

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Connected and Engaged

Public Safety Leadership

Public Safety Leadership Initiative

The Public Safety Leadership Initiative trains and supports public safety officers in management, leadership and administration.

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We subscribe to NC State’s Think and Do mindset. We partner with government entities at all levels, with businesses and with nonprofit organizations. Our students intern in the halls of Congress, for large and small nonprofits, and in myriad other spots where they see policies hammered out and news being made. We engage daily with the people of our state and world who depend on our faculty’s expertise in public policy, in political science, in cross-cultural understanding and in leadership development.

We have faculty who conduct research that benefits the nonprofit sector and who prepare nonprofit leaders to navigate the challenges of their world. Our affiliated Genetic Engineering and Society Center connects leading researchers and scholars to address emerging issues. Our Public Safety Leadership Initiative trains top law enforcement executives as proactive leaders, while our Administrative Officers Management Program raises the professional bar for law enforcement officers. Some of our political scientists are leading poll experts and share their expertise with NC State students and the general public over issues ranging from online dating to elections to reverse discrimination. In all we do, we have the general welfare of our state and planet front and center.

Beyond the Classroom

Research done by students in the School of Public and International Affairs has a dual benefit: our students create meaningful contributions in identifying and solving leading problems facing society while gaining a hands-on education that will benefit them as they enter the public or private sector or advance in academia. Our leading classroom education is supplemented by engaging research to create an ideal modern student experience.

Students in SPIA are well-represented in the annual Graduate Research Symposium and the  Spring and Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium, providing the opportunity to discuss ideas, network and earn recognition for exemplary research.