Picture of Prof Jennifer Kuzma

Prof Jennifer Kuzma

Title: Professor

Email: jkuzma@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-515-2592

Office: James B Hunt Jr Centennial Cam 5147

Website: go.ncsu.edu/ges

Vita: download vita

Jennifer Kuzma joined North Carolina State University in August 2013 as the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program senior hire in the Genetic Engineering and Society cluster. She is the Goodnight-NCGSK Foundation Distinguished Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs. She is on the executive committee NSF-IGERT funded Ph.D. minor program on Genetic Engineering and Society, and is co-director of the new Center for Genetic Engineering and Society at NCSU..  Her research focuses on governance systems for emerging technologies.  She has published over 90 academic articles, book chapters and policy reports in areas related to emerging technologies and governance. She obtained her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the U of CO Boulder in 1995.  Here she discovered bacterial isoprene production, and holds the first patent for methods for bacterial production of isoprene (bioisoprene).  Her postdoctoral work was completed at the Rockefeller University in New York where she worked on plant drought and salinity tolerance mechanisms, leading to an article in the journal Science.   Prior to re-entering academe, from 1997 to 2003, she served as program and study director for several U.S. National Academy of Sciences reports related to biotechnology governance and bioterrorism and as an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Risk Policy Fellow at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of Risk Assessment and Cost Benefit Analysis. She has held and currently holds several leadership positions, including the Society for Risk Analysis Council & Secretary, Chair of the Gordon Conference on S&T Policy,  Minnesota Governor’s Bioscience Advisory Committee, the European Commission Expert Group for 2011 Science in Society Work Programme, the Expert Group for the EU’s ‘SYNTH-ETHICS’ project, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Blood Products Advisory Committee, and the UN WHO-FAO Joint Expert Group for the Applications of Nanotechnologies to the Food and Agriculture Sectors.  In 2014, she was honored with the Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer Award by the Society for Risk Analysis for her contributions to the field of risk analysis.