Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Examine, evaluate and investigate eligibility for or conformity with laws and regulations governing contract compliance of licenses and permits. Perform compliance and enforcement inspection and analysis activities specific to your industry of interest. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you may want to pursue a career working as a regulatory affairs specialist.

What Does Working as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist Look Like?

Regulatory affairs specialists typically perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Coordinate and document internal regulatory processes, such as internal audits, inspections, license renewals or registrations.
  • Compile and prepare materials for submission to regulatory agencies.
  • Coordinate, prepare or review regulatory submissions.  
  • Provide technical review of data or reports that will be incorporated into regulatory submissions to assure scientific rigor, accuracy and clarity of presentation.  
  • Review product promotional materials, labeling, batch records, specification sheets or test methods for compliance with applicable regulations and policies.  
  • Maintain current knowledge base of existing and emerging regulations, standards or guidance documents.  
  • Interpret regulatory rules or rule changes and make sure that they are communicated through appropriate policies and procedures.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist Career Salary and Forecast

Experienced regulatory affairs specialists earn between $47,000 and $96,000. Salaries vary considerably by employer, industry sector, experience and level of responsibility.

Job opportunity growth for this career is forecasted to increase at a rate of 3.3% per year nationally. North Carolina has a higher demand for compliance officers; job opportunities are forecasted to increase at a rate of 10.8% per year over the next ten years. 

What Education is Required to Work as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist?

Most (over 90%) regulatory affairs specialists have a bachelor’s degree, and some positions require a master’s degree or doctoral degree. 

While the Leadership in the Public Sector undergraduate degree provides an excellent foundation for this career, those interested in becoming a regulatory affairs specialist will want to include coursework in public policy and public administration. You may also find advanced education to be an advantage in this competitive field.

You will need practical on-the-job experience to qualify for most regulatory affairs specialist positions, so you may wish to look for entry level positions or internships in this field while you are taking classes. This degree program is designed for working professionals, so it is possible to pursue this degree while working full-time or completing an internship.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist Job Opportunities

If you go into this field, you may find the following job titles also appeal to you:

  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Compliance Inspector
  • Compliance Officer

Explore current regulatory affairs specialist job listings to see what sorts of opportunities await.

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