Career Path: Government

Interested in influencing or executing public policy? Pursue a purposeful career in government. 

​​​​​​​What Does a Career in Government Look Like?

Most of our graduates find a wide range of government positions available. You will have a solid foundation, preparing you for work in Federal, State or local government positions. 

Professionals working in government typically do the following:

  • Research and analysis of policy and/or procedures.
  • Documentation of and/or presentation of research findings or policy analysis.
  • Evaluation of adherence to regulations or policy, and/or communication of regulatory boundaries. 
  • Development, evaluation or enforcement of policy, procedures and protocols. 

What Are the Most Common Government Job Titles?

When working in this field, you will probably find employment opportunities with one or more of the following job titles:

  • Clerk
  • Program Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Records Specialist
  • Contract Coordinator
  • Research Program Specialist
  • Inspections Officer
  • Auditor

What Education is Required to Work in Government?

The vast majority of jobs for government agencies require a bachelor’s degree. The Leadership in the Public Sector Degree provides the skill set required for positions in political science and public administration, which is why students wishing to work in government find this degree to be a solid foundation. 

If you are interested in making policy, you will probably need to identify the office of policy in which you’d like to work and take an entry-level position as support staff to get your foot in the door. You will then need to become an expert on that particular issue, which may or may not entail advanced education specific to that topic. Most policy makers work their way up the ladder internally. 

The skills taught through the Leadership in the Public Sector undergraduate degree are ideal for this sort of career path. The program is designed to accommodate the schedule of working professionals, so you can work an entry-level government job while getting your degree and determining what next steps are required for the career advancement you wish to pursue. 

What Government Job Opportunities are Available?

You will find most government jobs are divided into fields. Explore options at to see what types of positions exist in a wide range of capacities. You will also learn more about career paths specific to these positions and hiring paths.

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