LPS is a great fit for Military Personnel

Veterans and active duty personnel, leverage your benefits and add academic credentials and education to your military experience. The NC State community prides itself on its longstanding military history and providing a supportive environment for veterans, military personnel and their families.

Find out what it’s like to be a student in the LPS program. 


We Accommodate Your Needs

Soldiers and their family members can work toward their B.A. wherever they are stationed and retain their in-state tuition as long as they begin the program while stationed in North Carolina and maintain their enrollment status. The LPS program provides military-friendly resources, such as advisers trained to assist with military and VA benefits.


A Great Fit for Veterans

Employers are looking for leaders.

Round out your military experience with a civilian leadership degree. The LPS program provides a leadership strategy for civilian life. Use your benefits as a veteran to complete your bachelor’s degree in leadership at NC State.


Military Advising Services

Veterans and active duty military personnel will find themselves in a supportive environment at NC State.  Students at NC State operate a Student Veterans Affairs group on campus to support and advocate for strong student veteran services.

NC State offers special advising services to active duty and veteran military personnel. The NC State Veterans Affairs website provides a great deal of information and useful links for enrolled and prospective military students.

For further information about military cost verification documentation, contact Allison Bennett at (919) 513-4277.

Transfer Equivalencies

Courses Transferring Into The LPS Curriculum

Tuition and Fees

Distance Education courses are charged per credit hour. To obtain detailed information about current tuition rates please visit DELTA’s financial information web site.

Please note that most courses are 3 credit hours, so you need to multiply the cost per credit hour listed by the number of credit hours for the course. Once a student has applied and enrolled in classes, the Cashier’s Office can process payments.

Tuition rates and fees are subject to change. A student is responsible for charges incurred if they do not drop the course from their schedule prior to the last day to receive a full refund. Drops after that date will receive partial refunds based on the schedule prepared by the Cashier’s Office. No refunds will be given after the last day to drop a class with a refund.

These rates are not included as part of on-campus tuition and fees and are subject to change. These rates apply only to Distance Education courses, which are identified with a 601 section number or higher and are calculated on a per credit hour basis for all semesters. All other section numbers are considered campus-based and are billed as such. Undergraduate level courses are identified with a course number of 499 or below.

For Military Members, Veterans and Spouses

Military members, veteran and spouses have different sources of financial support and residency requirements.

Active duty military personnel whose permanent duty station and location is in North Carolina — and their military dependents — are eligible to receive the benefit of in-state tuition even if they are not residents of North Carolina. As long as students begin their course work as an LPS student while stationed in North Carolina, they can maintain their instate status no matter where they are transferred as long as they maintain their enrollment status.

For more information regarding Military Verification Documentation, contact Allison Bennett via email or at (919) 513-4277

Military members also have access to financial aid resources such as the GI Bill. The NC State Veterans Affairs website is also an excellent resource for information about military educational benefits.

Please visit this page for general information on the admissions process.  There is also more specific information available regarding the application process for online programs.

Payment Once You Are Enrolled

Payment of tuition and fees for distance education courses is handled through the Cashier’s Office. While that office is your best resource for information, we have provided some quick descriptions below, along with links to those specific areas of the Cashier’s Office website

NC State offers electronic billing for student charges (eBILL). The eBILL is sent from e_bill@ncsu.edu and will come to the e-mail address that you have listed with Registration and Records. The e-mail will contain no personal or financial information. All private information is stored on a secure server which is accessed under password control.

eBILL General Information

Accessing your eBILL
Billing and Payment Options