Human Services Coordinator

Reach out. Make a difference. Connect vulnerable populations to supportive services and other community resources. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you may want to pursue a career working as a human services coordinator.

What Does Working as a Human Services Coordinator Look Like?

Human services coordinators typically perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Assess service needs and connect people to the appropriate providers and community resources.
  • Facilitate access to programs such as health, wellness, education, job training or transportation programs. 
  • Act as an intermediary resource for populations in need and resources.
  • Advocate for people in need, raising awareness of needs and finding solutions for those populations.

Human Services Coordinator Career Salary and Forecast

Experienced human services coordinators can expect to can expect to earn somewhere between $47,000 and $91,000. Salaries vary considerably by employer, industry sector, experience and level of responsibility. Program directors earn more than coordinators.

Job opportunity growth for this career is forecasted to increase at a rate of 9.5% per year nationally. Demand is forecasted to grow at an even faster rate in North Carolina, where human services coordinator positions are anticipated to increase at a rate of 13.7% per year. 

What Education is Required to Work as a Human Services Coordinator?

Most human services coordinators have a bachelor’s degree, but some positions require a master’s degree or graduate work. 


The Leadership in the Public Sector degree provides the foundation needed to get an entry-level job in this field. You may want to get this degree, work in this field, and pursue a master’s of social work or associated graduate level certificate to become a program director or be more influential in both policy and procedures. 

This degree program is designed for working professionals, so it is possible to pursue this degree while working full-time or completing an internship. Practical experience is highly regarded in this field. 

Human Services Coordinator Job Opportunities

If you go into this field, you may find the following job titles also appeal to you:

  • Adoption Services Manager
  • Human Services Program Specialist
  • Children's Service Supervisor
  • Clinical Services Director
  • Community Services Block Grant/Outreach Social Worker (CSBG/Outreach Social Worker)
  • Director of Child Welfare Services
  • Director of Social Services
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator

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