Prepare for Graduate School

Preparing for graduate school? Get the educational foundation you need to successfully get into and perform well at the graduate school program of your choice. 

​​​​​​​Why a Degree in Leadership in the Public Sector?

This degree prepares you for graduate school in a unique way. It is especially beneficial for students who:

  • Need the credentials required to get into a reputable graduate school program.
  • Recognize the value of getting an undergraduate degree from a recognized and respected brick-and-mortar university, but who need the flexibility afforded by an online program. 
  • Desire a broad liberal arts foundation, including experience researching and writing academic papers and extensive critical thinking challenges that result in strong leadership capabilities.
  • Are interested in the ethical, theoretical and analytical skills needed for effective public sector leadership.

What Should You Do to Improve Your Chances of Admission?

If you want to get into graduate school, you should invest time and energy into the following:

  • Develop relationships with your professors. The Leadership in the Public Sector program is designed such that you can interact with our professors online and build relationships that will help you get into the graduate school of your choice. 
  • Get an internship or job related to your field. The Internship in Leadership in the Public Sector (LPS 490) provides valuable experiences that will improve your standing as a graduate school applicant. These are non-paid internships that are completed in agencies in the public and nonprofit sectors.
  • Work on your graduate school application long before it’s due. You will need to get references from work and your undergraduate program, so start early. Take your time with your application. Develop a thesis proposal.
  • Identify and reach out to professors at the graduate school of your choice. Do your research before you initiate, and be sure to explain why you are contacting them. Write three to four sentences outlining your work and describing why you are interested in working with them in particular. Be specific, and keep it brief.
  • Prepare for the GRE. The bachelor’s degree in Leadership in the Public Sector provides a solid educational foundation to support your preparation.    

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A degree in Leadership in the Public Sector will prepare you for the graduate school program of your choice. Apply today to get started.

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