Student Organizations

Explore your interests. Broaden your mind. Meet like-minded friends and those whose views challenge your own. Here are some of the many opportunities available to you. Unless otherwise noted, please contact the faculty adviser listed for details.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Council

This council promotes the interests and general welfare of students, furthers communication and cooperation among our college’s departments, and provides Humanities and Social Sciences students with a representative council. The council represents student organizations, helps fund the college's organizational needs, handles funds received by the council, promotes leadership and participation, and helps organize the annual college career fair.

The Student Council also awards the Abraham Holtzman Scholarship Award each year. The award is based on service to the community or the college, including community service, organizational leadership, volunteer activities and/or a commitment to raising the visibility and prestige of the college. Applications and additional details are generally available in mid-March for the following academic year.

Faculty Adviser: Dara Leeder

International Studies Club

International Studies Club immerses students in various global issues and cultures through meetings, participating in international events, listening to speakers, watching foreign films, engaging in language exchange and volunteering and raising funds for myriad causes and organizations. ISC values the diversity and assortment of cultural backgrounds that exists on campus. We welcome any individuals, groups and organizations to showcase their unique backgrounds through the club. We also invite individuals, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to inform members about important international issues, as well as volunteer and internship opportunities for students. Our activities include: “Global Voyager,” our themed meetings based on different countries; a Language Exchange Program and coffee hour for learning different languages; foreign-exchange socials; and discussions about local and international problems and their relation to globalization.

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Faculty Adviser: Dr. Carol Ann Lewald.

Mock Trial at NCSU

Mock Trial at NCSU educates students about the basics of trial advocacy. Through regular meetings and weekend mock trial events, our club helps members learn courtroom procedures, improve their public speaking skills and make connections within the legal field. 

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Traciel Reid.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations promotes awareness of international cooperation in several ways, including U.N. simulations. We send delegations representing different countries to attend various conferences, where they compete with other schools to gain a deeper knowledge of the United Nations. Contact us:

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Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michael Struett.

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club fosters exploration into politics, policy and government. We meet at least once a month, and our activities include student political debates, educational trips, hosting and attending lectures and social events. Members are not required to major in political science.

Faculty Adviser: Shannon Carey.

Pre-Law Students Association (PLSA)

We meet at least once a month and host a variety of speakers throughout year, including attorneys, deans of admission from various law schools and faculty and administrators from the university community. Our members engage in community service projects and participate in forums that help them prepare for law school.


Faculty Adviser: Dr. Kelly Laraway.

Sigma Iota Rho (International Studies Honors Society)

The Eta chapter of Sigma Iota Rho, established in 1991, promotes the scholarship and service of students studying global affairs. Our undergraduate members have completed at least 60 hours of university coursework (including at least 15 hours of international studies courses from three different disciplines). Members must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and a GPA of at least 3.3 in all courses counting toward International Studies (including at least 6 hours of upper-level international studies courses). 

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Seth Murray.

Society for Politics, Economics and Law (SPEL)

We aim to reach students who are interested in politics, economics, and the law and give them opportunities to interact with each other and professionals. Our weekly meetings often include guest speakers who address various topics and take questions from members. We are open to students of all majors.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Roy Cordato.

Student Senate

Student Senate is a group of 64 students, who proportionally represent each of the university's schools and colleges. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences holds eight seats in the Student Senate: three seniors, three juniors, and two sophomores. We strive to promote the general welfare of the student body, and our responsibilities include: enacting legislation, approving an Annual Student Body Budget for the Student Body funds, and confirming or rejecting appointments of the Student Body President. Additionally, in conjunction with the Department of Athletics, we determine student ticket distribution policies for football and men's basketball games. Most importantly, however, we represent the student voice to the university’s administration. Rather than passing laws, we act as a lobbying body, addressing the concerns of the student body, and bringing these concerns to the attention of the university.


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