Created in 2006, the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) provides a vibrant and innovative platform for understanding, exploring and engaging with issues of leadership and public affairs – from our Raleigh campus to the halls of the North Carolina General Assembly, the power centers of Washington and decision-making forums across the globe.


A Global Approach

Our programs – the Political Science and Public Administration departments, the International Studies graduate program, the Leadership in the Public Sector undergraduate program and the Public Safety Leadership Initiative – bring a new focus and a new level of energy to the issues and institutions that shape our world. Our course offerings marry theory and practice through teaching, research and real-world application.


World-Leading Faculty

Diverse in their backgrounds, viewpoints and specialties, our faculty members demonstrate excellence in their research and cultivate growth in their students. The expertise of our professors is the foundation for our first-class educational environment.

Faculty Directory

Accomplished Students

Becoming a student in the School of Public and International Affairs means aspiring to great things. Whether you come to SPIA as a new college student, from another institution or major, or from the ranks of public safety or the armed forces, you have the opportunity to achieve from your first day on campus.

Amazing Alumni

Our alumni are leaders in their communities – in North Carolina and around the world. They innovate, serve and work tirelessly for important causes. Learn about our graduates and imagine the kind of impact you can have.